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About this data source

A World of Diverse Voices

We grant you access to a massive repository of blog content, encompassing millions of unique blogs from popular platforms. This vast network offers a wealth of consumer insights.

Understand Consumer Sentiment

D-TAG allows you to analyze the raw and honest feedback expressed by consumers, gaining a deeper understanding of their thoughts and experiences.

Uncover the "Why"

Go beyond "what" consumers are saying and delve into the "why." D-TAG's advanced analytics provides the qualitative insights you need to truly understand your consumers' feelings and motivations. Additionally, you can analyze author and audience metadata to gain a more holistic view of your consumer base.

Other Data Sources

See the Big Picture: D-TAG connects the data dots to give you a comprehensive 360-degree view of your business. Seamlessly connect and analyze data from any internal or external source to unlock valuable insights.


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